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happy bday

by Alexei Shishkin

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Phil Smaller
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Phil Smaller Slam! That's how the opener took me by surprise and it is such a nice contrast to the rest of the album. Alexei floats you through his world of blinded personalities (Dadabe, my favorite track) and the things he isn't taking so seriously and everything else that makes our worlds go round.
Well-orchestrated with cool accentuated drums and beautiful guitar melodies.
It makes you want to close your eyes and drift off to the place where Alexei Shishkin is and just listen to him and his stories. Favorite track: Dadabe.
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Words and Music: Alexei Shishkin
Drums and Mix: Riley Geare
Backing Vocals: Jess N. Pierson
Mastering: Graham Barton
Photography: Graham W. Bell
Special Thanks: Matt, Ryan, friends, family

Recorded 2015-2018 in Portland, OR; New York, NY; and Los Angeles, CA

Released by Forged Artifacts 9/28/2018


released October 19, 2018


all rights reserved



Alexei Shishkin New York

omg is that u singing?

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Track Name: What Do You Mean?
There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you
Track Name: Lazybones
hey, lazybones
tell me whose side are you on?
baby, i don't know
it depends where everyone's gonna go

give up, give in, start again, and forget it
everyone messes up all the time
it will take over your life if you let it
get out of bed every day, you'll be fine

hey, lazybones
tell me whose side are you on?
i want you to know
it doesn't matter where everyone goes
Track Name: Pigeonhole
it don't mean a thing at all
one day’s off and one day’s on
on a rooftop or on a lawn
on and on

i don't let it get to me
can't take it too seriously

i don't know a lot
i’m a speck
i’m connecting the dots
i’m just a thought
i’m just a frustration
i think you need a vacation
i’ll blame my poor communication

i don't let it get to me
cant take it so seriously
i don't let it get to me
at all

i don't let get to me
don't take it so seriously
at all
Track Name: Year's In A Day
And all of the seasons they come at once
One day it's summer, the next week it's winter for a month
The year’s in a day and i’m in a daze

And all that passes against us
As we trespass and we’re raised
In all the cities that turned us into our old familiar ways

That old dominion bond is formed, those broken doors
Those squeaky plywood carpet floors

And it’s the end of the season
And we start over again
And all the people we’re leaving, they’re still believing in us til the end

Do you believe in somebody who
Do you believe in the attitude
Do you believe in something
Do you believe in nothing
Track Name: Sky To Part
waiting on the sky to part
like an arrow through the heart
and as the grass gets greener
the sky gets blue
the world appears and breaks in two
a part of me is waiting there for you

watch all of the folks emerge
and take a look up at the world

why does it never translate as well
as the story i like to tell?
and why does it never look as good
in the photograph as it could?
you wish it did, and i know it does
if you put it all down for once

waiting on the sky to part
like an arrow through the heart
Track Name: Motivation
On my mind wake up tired
I’ve been sleeping in for hours
Past the time i wanted

And i stay in late at night
And i stay up and i dont write a damn thing like i should be

Talk to me
Look at me
Everything has gone away
Everything is not as unique as it seems

And I don’t ever want to disappear
I dont want to leave you here
And i don't want to disagree

On my mind all the time
All the speculation I’m
Under wondering nothing

Can there be more to me
Than splicing up stills and scenes
Coming in drinking the caffeine?

Sitting there, staring there
I am sitting not caring there
Everything is crumbling beneath
Track Name: Dadabe
i could not see
i was blinded by personality

i could not figure it out
what were we talking about?

and i dont know why
drawing blanks and drawing the line

and i dont know why
my eyes are open wide but i’m breaking down
stumbling all around town
falling off of a roof down onto the ground
ten feet
didn't hurt you
but it hurt me

and i dont know why
my eyes are open wide
Track Name: Engagement
Wasted all the time

Save it
Don’t make a statement

All the time
Could you make a statement
Slow down, unwind

I had found the bottom
I had dwelled on the bottom for years
Track Name: I Don't Mind
green lights realize
realize their fate
i dont mind a million times
i dont mind the wait

i dont mind a million times
i dont mind the things in the way

i dont mind missing the train
by a minute or two every day

you know time keeps slipping away
by a minute or two every day

what’s the point in not slowing
what’s the point in speeding up the pace
if you’re already late?

and i showed up on time
and i looked out a five by nine window
just to see inside my mind
and i fell overboard
and i was not assured
of any sort of rescue at the bottom on the floor

red lights yeah they realize
realize their fate
eventually they’ll turn to green
and that’s when they’ll escape with me

i dont mind a million times
i dont mind the wait

lately i’ve been satisfied
lingering, standing by
Track Name: The Good
i found you in the good hands
and that was overrated
i thought that maybe i should’ve waited

i overthought it nervously
just how would that reflect on me
it was something that i planned to say but
my own thoughts they got in the way again
Track Name: Whistling
The first day it felt great
Like i was walking in a dream
But by the third week
The rug was pulled from beneath my feet
Everything deteriorating

And i had said this is the way it should go
But i was met with political discourse all the way
I didn’t know anything i should say

That gets made
Walk back in the door the first day
Brings me down i get frustrated
I believe there’s better things ahead of me
I dont need to be whistling
Track Name: All Mine
take my headphones off
find out that i’ve got
to say my goodbyes

now those friends are gone
now those friends are other ones
and i’m still satisfied

your eyes
break on the fall of the pavement after it, my mind
won’t ever stop with the motion it does
try as i might
nowhere in sight is the feeling, feeling of offering
get on the right side of time
all mine
Track Name: A Waste
Who takes the money and leaves it for dead
Who drops the nail on top of the head
Who lays there breathing and circling backwards around all the things that are said

All that’s longing
All the time stays
Overly sensitive
All of its goodness a waste

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