Santa Cruz EP

by Alexei Shishkin

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i've never actually been to santa cruz.

Track 1 is a "remix(?)" of a tune originally by Connor Hickey -- I added some stuff to it.
Track 2 is a shitty cover of a great song. i accidentally skipped a verse.
Track 3 is an old old old old old instrumental demo.
Track 4 is a demo of a track that never made it onto dog tape.
Track 5 is a demo of a track that did make it onto dog tape.
Track 6 is a random improvised demo I never bothered completing.


released May 16, 2014


all rights reserved



Alexei Shishkin New York

omg is that u singing?

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Track Name: Theoneyoufeed (Remix?)
[I'm not 100% on these. Really, I'm more like 40% on these.]

White wolves are coming for me.
I can see them.
They're on the hillside.
Blue skies are what I need.
I can see them.
Cause these eyes are blinded.

Well, the plot seems to follow the score.
This is all I've ever learned, my friend.
Life just lifts you right back up again.

These wolves are fighting.
I can feel them.
They're on the inside.
Can one of them survive?
You'll see. That's the one I'll be.
That's the one you feed.
Track Name: Short Drive With A Kidnapper (Grandhorse cover)
I got in the car, and we went far.
My handcuffs are so tight.
What if they delay, or they don't pay?
It's causing me such fright.
Even if I got a scar, I would have a good tale to tell.
His car would be a shooting star,
when I pull the wheel so hard.
Track Name: Realm Rip
a steadying race
a weakening pace that has started to go
and if i'm erased
well, then i guess that we're moving too slow

i believe everything i would think
wake up in the middle of the night
run into the bathroom
vomit in the sink
everything was to perfect
was it worth it just to be a human being
i responded
i responded so despondent to things
Track Name: With A Balcony (demo)
Really I have modest dreams:
A house with a balcony.
I want to sleep for a month.
I want to drive everywhere at once.
I want to pay my rent in compliments this month.

Am I going to end up a suburban dog?
Just another one?
I hope I won't be another dog!
Track Name: Who Knows (demo)
god knows im anxious
god knows im angry all the time
and even god knows there's no god
no one knows what goes on in my mind
not even i

stop me if i'm goin too fast
stop me if i'm goin too slow
stop me if i'm goin on and on
and you don't wanna know

god knows it can be disturbing
when you think you know a person
but the person seems to worsen day by day

god knows wherever you go
you'll dig a hole and you'll find a home
but no one really knows what god knows anyway

believe in me
and i'll believe in you
why don't you ever believe me
tell me the truth

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